Summer Reading on OverDrive

Keep reading this summer with OverDrive!

Search the LMC catalog for ebooks or go to OverDrive for access all summer long!



Reminder: Your OverDrive “card number” is your last name and first initial (or the same as your gmail account through the school), and your password is norse and then your lunch #.


Card #: smithj

Pass: norse5555

Web-Resource of the Week!

I’m enjoying searching, finding, and playing with new resources that are constantly being suggested, recommended, or just popping up! Here, I’ll highlight a resource and its uses!

March 23

Explore Cultural Institute and Google Education Programs both by Google. Easy to find new resources for a lesson or unit! Give me an assignment and I’ll search it out for you!:-)
A search engine powered by Google; safe and reliable for students to use to look for resources! The initial page attracts young researchers with its fun and animated options, but once you search the results page is very similar to the regular Google results page–an easy learning curve when they are ready to use the more sophisticated option.

Fun feature alert! The YouTube feature has all kinds of teacher approved videos found on YouTube (but in one location!)-search by a specific topic!

March 16–AAMMAZING!! Visually appealing and reputable resources! Have the kids try it out–easy to use!

Week of Feb 16-20

A big thank you for all the readers during kindness week! The students enjoyed hearing new voices and stories of friendship and kindness.

Upcoming Events!

Family Night will be March 2 here at WSD. Student video booktalks completed during LMC class will be showcased throughout the night! This also kicks off the Read Across America program, running March 2-6.

Book Fair will be held in the balcony area again; March 9-16, including the day of parent-teacher conferences!

Upcoming Event! Week of Feb 9-13

Hello again!

February is fast approaching!

During the week of Feb 9-12 (Friday there is no specials, so no time slots!), I would like to welcome any parents or community members who would like to do “guest” read-alouds to our K-3 classes.

The theme for the week will be kindness and friendship. The books we read will center around these topics. I can choose a book for you, or you could bring a book of your choice in!

K-3 classes are held in the afternoons and are about 30 minutes long; contact me to set up a time to come read to the students! The more the merrier, so please contact me via email at or through the school–ext 115.

Thanks in advance for your support and time!


Week of Jan 19

We will finish up non-fiction reads with K-2; we discussed where to find non-fiction in our library and read Steve Jenkins’ Creature Features! Our next class time we will be reading an “Everybody” book and then the students will be encouraged to check out an “Everybody” book at their reading level.

Grades 3-6 will be presenting their google presentations on a book they read from the library! They did a great job navigating google presentation, and I think they enjoyed themselves too!

Students should continue to read and fill out their reading log! We should have pictures up this week on the “Reading Wall”! Congrats to those of you that have already earned more than one treat. Two full sheets = a free book, so keep reading!

Week of Jan 5

The new year will bring new lessons to the LMC! 

4th-6th grade will be creating a google presentation about a recent book they’ve read!

3rd grade will be utilizing the resources in the LMC when researching a topic of their choice! One online (badgerlink) and one book resource will be used.

Grades 1-2 will be reading What to do with an Idea? by Kobi Yamada and illustrated by Mae Besom. The correlating assignment will ask them to come up with an idea or invention to make the world a better place–I can’t wait to see their imaginative responses!

Kindergarten will be reading a biography and learning how to locate biographies in the library. We have many newer biographies written for children that will amaze you!

I challenge MS/HS students to read a nonfiction book of their choice and come discuss it with me for a treat!:)

R.I.F Thank you! Week of Dec 15

This week in LMC class we will be working on thank yous for the community members and businesses that donated to our R.I.F program. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to send every student from 4K-12 home with a book!

The MS/HS students submitted their thank yous via a google form last week. We hope to send them out before the holiday break begins!


I’m excited to start my new adventure as the 4K-12 Library Media Specialist at Whitehall School District! I’ve recently returned from maternity leave and am so grateful to Mrs. Sosalla for covering for me, but also for helping me learn the ropes! I couldn’t have made the transition without her!

We hope to continue to implement new and exciting reading programs for both the elementary and MS/HS. Please check the website often for updated information on what we are doing in LMC class, books of the week, reading programs, and resources (teacher and student)!